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corinne nicholson feng shui works3.jpg     Hi there, my name is Corinne Nicholson I'm a nationally accredited & recognised Feng Shui practitioner & licensed Property Agent who also has international experiences and studies that will be brought to your consultation or property purchase. 


As a "Feng Shui" practitioner I've had the honour & privilege to spend the last 15 years studying, exploring, experiencing & enjoying living with the freedom Feng Shui has brought me.


As a "Feng Shui" Property Buyer Inspector, I've enjoyed inspecting property for owner occupiers & Investors making sure their property is going to be auspicious & benefit all concerned.  


In our lives we prefer to picture ourselves cruising through life, filled with inner security, peace & a feeling of being one with our world.  We'd like the choices we make to be wise ones, the luck we receive is constant, & the fortunes we accrue long lasting.  Ambitions such as these are by no means the preserve of the modern age.  It was this pursuit of harmony & sensory well-being that, centuries ago, led to the founding of Feng Shui.

It includes intuition, chinese astrology, numerology, understanding the 5 elements design & much more.  With Feng Shui, one is often looking for clues & putting together pieces of evidence to get a full picture.

It is believed that if we are ideally positioned within the universe, & arrange our environment, we will enhance the balance of nature & its energy lines. This then improves fortunes & happiness; as poor Feng Shui is portended to be imbalance & disaster.


What happens in a Feng Shui consultation

The heart of all consultations is to determine the facing direction of the building as well as the occupant’s favourable success, sleeping & study directions using a Lou Pan Compass.

Once we identify these Feng Shui influences we are able to maximise your future energy flows to achieve prosperity, health & happiness.

Initially, this is based around the mapping of the intangible living chi flow with the surroundings, the building internal & external floor plans, the front door locations, & well the occupants interactive in this environment.

We will sit together & discuss the recommendations that can be used to enhance the positive influences & to dissolve any harmful ones.


Home Consultation packages

Apartments  $320 - $600

This depends on the size of the apartment & would be discussed & quoted during discussions.


Home packages $580 - $1,800

This depends on the size of the home & would be discussed & quoted during discussions.


Business Consultation packages $680 - $4,000

This depends on the size of the business & would be discussed & quoted during discussions.


Property Inspections $220 -1 Property, $400 - 2 Property

You find the property & I will inspect it.


Buyer Agent packages range from $800



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