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 Property Inspections for Buying or Renting

 From a Licenced Real Estate Agent - No.3392973

From $220 per residential property inspection

Increasingly as property buyers you are realising the benefits and power of feng shui and it is becoming an accepted part within our real estate buying process.

Feng Shui explains the interaction of people with our environment.  Like the laws of physics, it governs every aspect of human life from the surfaces and features of our living spaces t our physical and mental well-being.

Feng Shui can bring you success, improved finances and more harmonious relationships.

The heart of any real estate property inspection I do is to determine the age and the facing direction of the building as well as analyse the dates of birth of the owners / occupants to find your favourable directions for various living within this new property using my Compass.  This will be looking at making sure you are sleeping to achieve your fullest potential, or that your children will be sitting the best study position to tune into their best memory patterns....... making sure your dining table placement is great and your television is in a good position as well...  the list goes on.....

Initially, this is based around the mapping of the intangible living chi flow with the surroundings, the building internal and external floor plans, the front door locations, and well the occupants interactive in this environment.  This precise information can cover the next twenty years - when looking at the big picture.

After this analysis we will find the property is either fabulous or if it isn't.  It's my duty to tell you why and work on solutions with you to make sure it will be in the future.  If it can't be at all.... I shall tell you why I have come to these conclusions to save the problems down the track.

When this is completed

We will chat together and discuss the recommendations that can be used to enhance the positive influences and to dissolve any harmful ones - if you are planning on purchasing the property no matter what......

These suggestions for feng shui enhancement may include the appropriate colour schemes, room usage and placement of furniture and personal items or working with walls and additional rooms etc.

Renovation advice may include landscaping, additions such as decks or new entrances and creating open plan areas by removing walls. The suggestions depend on your individual needs and the consultation.

Once I identify these Feng Shui influences I am able to chart out and maximise your properties future energy flows annually so you can achieve prosperity, health and happiness. 

(Excess of 20kms of Brisbane CBD, call out fee applies)