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 Thinking of Commissioning a Buyer Agent?

Increasingly as property buyers you are realising the benefits and power of feng shui and it is becoming an accepted part within our real estate buying process to help prevent costly mistakes and even preventing illness for occupants.  If you are exhausted by weekends spent looking at unsuitable properties that scarcely resemble advertised photos you may find the using a Feng Shui Buyer Agent is your best solution.  

The heart of any property inspection I do is to determine the age and the facing direction of the building as well as analyse the dates of birth of the owners / occupants to find your favourable directions for various living within this new property using my Compass.  This will be looking at making sure you are sleeping to achieve your fullest potential, or that your children will be sitting the best study position to tune into their best memory patterns....... making sure your dining table placement is great and your television is in a good position as well...  the list goes on.....

Initially, this is based around the mapping of the intangible living chi flow with the surroundings, the building internal and external floor plans, the front door locations, and well the occupants interactive in this environment.  This precise information can cover the next twenty years - when looking at the big picture.

  • Whether you want a free-standing home, terrace, apartment, duplex etc
  • You need to be close to certain schools, transport etc
  • How many bedrooms you need
  • What type of aspect best suits the occupants for success
  • Whether you want to be close to restaurants, parks or beaches
  • Whether you plan to renovate and add value
  • Other special requirements

By getting this clear, I can streamline the search process. When an ideal property is located, I take the emotion out of the negotiations, saving you tens of thousands of dollars!

Are you living Interstate, Overseas or an Ex-pat

You rely on selling agents and internet photos of properties for accurate, unbiased information risk being misled.  Photographs are taken in ways that show the property in its best possible light. There is no substitute for personal inspections.

Internet pictures cannot reflect the property’s intangible living chi flow with the surroundings and the precise information to allow you to see if the home will energtically provide you the atmosphere for success, health and happiness.

I often buy property for interstate buyers, ex-pats and permanent residents based overseas. I know you require accurate, reliable updates and quality independent advice for confident buying.

In many cases, you want to buy a home to come back to after your posting is over. In the meantime, I can secure a high level rental return through a reputable Real Estate Property Management division in the local area. 


Up Front Engagement : $1000.00      If you decide to secure my services, an up front engagement fee is payable at the time of signing our PAMD service agreement form.

Services Fees

Search :1% of purchase price                                  

Search /Negotiate and Purchase : 2% of the purchase price