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Did you know your dates of birth could influence your next property purchase... whether it be your 1st or 10th!!

One of the first ways to see if the property you are about to purchase will be favourable to everyone living there is to analyse your dates of birth. 
We all have different energy needs and there are two feng shui "energy" groups: East and West group. You will be either one or the other according to your feng shui number.
To understand your special number and respectively your feng shui group, will give you a better understanding of the best feng shui directions for your main door vibrations, plus everyone's personal directions for health & happiness while working, watching television, sitting at the dinner table and especially sleeping, etc. This is one of the main secrets to analysing a property to suit you thus allowing you all opportunities to have a happy, healthy and successful life.
·                           The East Group numbers are 1, 3, 4 and 9.
         The West Group numbers are 2, 6, 7 and 8

For example, my Kua number is 1, which makes me an East feng shui group person and the best facing directions for me are Southeast, East, South and North. Lucky for me, my closest people are of the East feng shui group, too, so it is easy to adjust my environment to work the best way.

So if you are planning on purchasing you need to book in with Corinne to see what would be the best type of property to buy.