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Have a house to sell?   Feng Shui can help you. If your house has been on the market for a while, you may want to consider checking these few feng shui steps to get the energy moving and help your house find its way to a new owner!

Most importantly, always be aware of the "almighty" feng shui triangle when selling a home: the
Kitchen, the Bathroom and the Bedroom. Buyers need to know they will sleep well, eat well, and well, unwind well, if they chose to buy your home.

1. GO OUTSIDE Your home or block of units, whatever it is that you are planning on selling, walk across the road and have a look at the premises from a bit of a distance and have a look at what you see. Get opinions with other family or friends. Jot down all the thoughts that come to mind in the first 2-3 minutes.

People say first impressions count…. So you may as well see what the prospective buyer will immediately see upong their arrival. As with every sale, it is a lot about selling a specific emotion, rather than the commodity itself. Make your main entrance look fresh and inviting.

2. GO FRESH AND GO GREEN. If you own a house, definitely invest in some landscaping; it will increase your property value. Do some research and make a call to a good landscape professional; it may create a totally new energy around your home.

If you live in a block of units / apartments there is not much "outside" to work on, focus on the main entrance and bring vibrant
chi, or energy, right as you come in - a big elegant plant or a vase with fresh cut flowers, good lighting, beautiful art and a feel of spaciousness/expansion the strategic placement of mirrors is the secret here!

3. LESS IS MORE. Apply it to your home - the less "personal", or "used" you make it, the better. Show to the best how the space can be used, but do not overdo it with personal touches.

Feng shui tools can help you tremendously in both selling or buying new property. Selling your house you can apply basic feng shui principles to speed up the sale, such as:
  • Open up the pathway to the main door.
  • Clutter-free and refresh your whole home with a new coat of paint, beautiful decor items, flowering plants, etc.
  • Create a spa-like bathroom for viewers to fall in love with.
  • Put a lot of attention in your kitchen and your bedrooms, as these are the two spaces that play a major role in creating the energy of your home.
Tried it all but the house still not selling?
Read this real estate case study about a beautiful house that was on the market for 8 months.  After owners applying feng shui, it sold in less than a month.

TESTIMONIAL    Natasha was a business associate of mine who called to see if there is anything I can do to help sell her house. It has been on the market for over a year and had only two offers that didn't materialize.

Ready to move on and build a new house, both she and her husband could not understand why it takes so long to sell their present house.

Located in a trendy neighbourhood and priced accordingly, it should have been sold a long time ago. Natasha was frustrated and, although not a huge believer in feng shui, she was ready to try anything to make this sale happen.
Natasha called to see if there is anything I can do to help sell her place. It has been on the market for over 8 months and had only one offer that didn't materialize on paper just over the phone.

Here is what was happening with the house:
  • Tucked away and not very easy to find, the house did not have the numbers easily visible from the street
  • The main door was actually composed of several glass doors with no clarity as to which one is actually opening
  • The wealth area of the home had a completely blank wall and no energy representing their abundance
  • There were many areas with either very restricting flow of energy or the energy rushing in and out without nourishing the space
  • Last but not least, Natasha’s teenagers were completely opposed to the sale and openly declared that they will not be moving.
Here's what we did:
·         The numbers of the house were placed in a highly visible and balanced way.
·         The actual main door was emphasized and strengthened with two big clay pots on either side of the door. Specific plants & specific colours were used according to the compass direction of the main door.
·         The sad area of nothingness in the Abundance area was replaced with a round mirror in a beautiful golden frame. (Water energy and Metal/Money shape.)
·         The areas with too slow or too fast flow of chi were rebalanced with art, strategic placement of furniture and big plants.
·         I strongly encouraged Natasha to reach an agreement with their children and find a way to make this move exciting and appealing to them.  Having at least one involved party strongly opposing the sale brings the energy of resistance and prevents the sale from happening.
And the results:

Needless to say, Natasha is a big feng shui believer now!